Please contact the Ontario Chapter of the Horror Writers Association for general inquires, questions, comments, or suggestions.

Our email address is

For existing members of HWA:

While Facebook is a great venue to discuss the genre and the writing lifestyle, it’s not the best or quickest way to bring an issue to the HWA staff or Board. Not everyone checks Facebook regularly and, unless one of us is tagged in a post, there’s no guarantee a discussion will even show up in our news feeds. We encourage all of you to keep discussions going both on this page and elsewhere, but please be mindful that if you haven’t contacted us outside of Facebook there’s no guarantee that we’re aware or will respond.

If you do need to contact HWA, email remains the best method. While we will respond as soon as we’re able, due to the volume of correspondence we receive it may take us up to 48 hours to get back to you, though depending on whom you need to contact, that response may be much quicker. If the issue that you’re contacting us about requires the Board of Trustees to review and discuss, it may take longer as our Board members are spread across several time zones. For questions regarding membership requirements, upgrading your membership, or how to join the HWA, please write

For questions regarding your login credentials for the Members Only area of, please contact For general questions about the HWA, volunteer efforts, payment information, coordinating events or media appearances, or if you’re unsure whom to contact, please write and you will be put in touch with the proper person. If you need to contact an Officer or Board Member to raise an issue, suggest a change to any organization function or policy, please also contact and you will be placed in touch with the proper person.

We try our best to resolve any issues that members have, but we can’t address things that we’re not made aware of. So please don’t hesitate to write us at one of the above email addresses.

Thank you for helping us serve you better!