HWA’s complete Membership Regulations are available elsewhere on this web site, but here’s the short version:

    Anyone with an interest in horror may join as a Supporting member. There are no requirements for this level.
    Beginning horror writers with a demonstrated intention of establishing a professional writing career. Minimal publication is required, and only works of Horror or Dark Fantasy can be used as qualifying material.

    • Sell one short story of at least 500 words, for payment of at least $25.
    • Sell one non-fiction article, role-playing supplement, comic book script, computer gaming script, or theatrical play for payment of at least $50.
    • Sell one book-length manuscript (40,000 words or more) for payment of at least $200.
    • Sell a screenplay or an option on your existing screenplay for payment of at least $200.
    • Sell three poems for total payment of at least $15.
    Non-writer professionals associated with the Horror and Dark Fantasy field, including but not limited to agents, artists, editors, packagers, producers, and publishers.
    Individuals with an academic interest in the genre demonstrated through writing, research, or teaching done in a professional capacity.
    Professional writers of Horror and Dark Fantasy. There are a number of ways to qualify as an Active member. (Only works of Horror or Dark Fantasy can be used as qualifying materials.)

    • Sell three or more short stories, articles, or reviews totalling 7,500 words or more, for payment of at least 5¢ per word.
    • Sell one book-length manuscript for a minimum advance and/or royalties of $2,000.
    • Sell a 90-minute TV movie, or two 30-minute teleplays for at least WGA minimum rates.
    • Sell one theatrical film script for at least $5,000.
    • Sell three full-length comic book scripts at professional rates and/or with professional print-run and distribution levels.
    • Sell three 10,000 word Role-playing Game project or one 40,000 word project for a payment of at least 5 ¢ per word.
    • Sell a script for a computer game or a single work of interactive fiction intended for electronic media for at least $2,000.
    • Sell a computer game for a minimum payment of $2,000, regardless of length or memory usage, or create a piece of shareware or other work produced without payment in advance, with a paid circulation exceeding 1,000 copies.
    • Sell 10 poems at 25 ¢ per line or $5 each, or sell a poetry collection for an honorarium of at least $50.

Please note that sales may only be used to qualify for membership if payment has been received. Also, self-published works may not be used to qualify, with the exception of self-published comic books that meet special criteria.

All applicants may be asked to provide documentation of their qualifying sale or sales to complete the application process. Documentation may include scans of a contract, proof of payment, written confirmation from a publisher, or similar items.


HWA’s memberships all of which include the basic benefits mentioned above.

    Dues for individual Affiliate, Associate, Academic, and Active members are $79.00/USD per year; members joining at these levels receive one listing in the directory and one userID for access to HWA’s Members Only website. Dues for Supporting members are $48.00 per year; Supporting members receive one userID for limited access to HWA’s Members Only website.
    Corporate members receive one Directory entry (status is automatically “Associate”) and up to 10 userIDs for access to HWA’s Members Only website. All official street mail is sent to a single specified address. Dues for businesses are $135.00/USD per year.
    Family membership holders (up to three members of a family, whose status will vary according to their individual qualifications) each receive separate listings in the Directory and separate userIDs for access to the HWA Members Only website. All official street mail is sent to a single specified address. Dues for families are $99.00/USD per year.

HWA’s dues year is the same as the calendar year, running from January 1 through December 31. If you join between March 31st and November 30, your dues will be prorated by a specific amount, depending on the date of your application. However, prorating applies only to individuals, businesses, and families who have not been members of HWA at any time in the previous two years.

Applying for HWA Membership

To apply for membership, simply move to the Application area of our web site.

Thank you for your interest in HWA!

Write to hwa@horror.org if you still have questions about HWA.