Charitable Work

    HWA also works to expand appreciation of the genre and literature in general by promoting education. We’ve donated memberships to writing workshops, and worked with universities to provide genre experts as guest lecturers. We’re always looking for ways to expand our educational outreach.
    In the past, HWA has worked with literacy programs to provide books and guest authors at various events.

In Times of Trouble

There are times when writers must pull together to solve mutual problems or come to each other’s aid. HWA can be a friend to turn to when things get rough. Here’s how we can help.

    For the mediation or settlement of complaints arising from generalized unfair or unethical behavior on the part of individuals or organizations with whom HWA members regularly do business.
    The writing life can be difficult. Established HWA members experiencing financial distress are eligible to apply for small safety net loans under this program.