Michael A. Arnzen, author of the Bram-Stoker-Award-winning Grave Markings, notes, “Being a member of HWA is like attending the best professional conference all year round. Not only do you get to keep your fingertips on the quivering pulse of the horror writing biz, but you make plenty of important contacts — and perhaps more importantly, friends — as well.”

    The Horror Writers Association is represented at numerous events throughout the year, including genre conventions, book festivals, trade gatherings and local literary events. Plus, HWA holds an annual business meeting and Bram Stoker Awards® Banquet which includes plenty of opportunities to meet and get acquainted with fellow writers, editors, agents, and publishers.
    HWA’s award-winning web site is a well-known resource for Horror aficionados on the Internet. But members gain access to additional invaluable tools through the Members Only area of the site.

    • A complete online roster of members
    • a listing of Horror agents
    • frequently updated market and industry news
    • Bram Stoker recommendations
    • the HWA’s database of Horror bookstores and reviewers
    • our database of libraries
    • an online version of the HWA Handbook
    • our HWA message board provides a constantly-available forum for networking with colleagues
    • And, finally, through the HWA Internet Mailer, members receive optional late-breaking email announcements between issues of our monthly HTML newsletter.
    Regional HWA chapters meet for workshops, group readings and signings, special projects, and social functions. To reach one of our active chapters, look for the list here.