Child of the Night

Child of the Night

POWER OF THE BLOOD WORLD Revised and Updated!

Power of the Blood is a 4 vampire-novel series that throbs with danger, treachery, betrayal, cruelty and dark, sultry romance. In a world where the undead are wary of and competitive and view humans as only prey, amazingly, three Blooddrinkers from different eras and cultures are able to form relationships. But change breeds more change as their individual stories unfold, blending and escalating, adding pieces until the horrifying picture becomes clear: both species are in danger of extinction!

Setting Bordeaux, FR & Montreal, CA
André is a cold predator and Carol, a human woman with nothing to lose, becomes his preferred prey. In the blink of an eye, things alter for the better,—and then for the worse. Change can be deadly, especially for a mortal who now realizes she does have something to lose!

Setting Manchester, UK & NYC, US
David is sensitive, a poet; he refuses to kill for blood. But when a mortal calling herself Zero tries to stake him, a treacherous cat-and-mouse game ensues, and nothing is as it seems. The gentlest of the Undead, becomes hell-bent on revenge, and no one will get in his way!

Book 3 – REBORN
Setting various places in Germany & Montreal, CA
Karl is intellectual, scientific, not driven by his feelings. Decades ago he brought Gerlinde into his world of night. Sudden catastrophe evokes dark, deadly emotions. Overwhelmed, Karl is the only one who can save Gerlinde and the vampire species, but he fights a tougher battle—his suicidal urges!

Setting London, UK & Austria & various EU
Julien is the most compelling and mysterious of the elder vampires. His story predates that of the other three. The cruel century that spawned him and those that followed when he walked the earth alone and alienated have left him neither kind nor trusting. And Jeanette, the mortal he stalks, is definitely not trustworthy.

* * *

The Power Of The Blood series, gives new faces to old fears. Both savage and tender, horrifying and sensual, Kilpatrick’s vampires, retaining the paradoxical repulsiveness and eroticism inherent in their earliest incarnations, manage to come across as both timeless and timely. Kilpatrick doesn’t approach the vampire as a group of rules and pre-planned plot developments. Rather, she recognizes the necessity of employing the archetype to reflect the repressed hungers, confusion, and fears of this age. Her power-plays between passion and sexual struggle utilize the vampire to speak to readers not only of the un-dead, but more importantly, about ourselves.” – William P. Simmons, reviewer Hellnotes

“Many writers of vampire fiction tend to either give readers ultra-violent monstrous vampires, or misunderstood gothic-romance heroes. Both have their place in fiction, but fans of one type generally abhor the other. Kilpatrick manages to seamlessly combine the two extremes, presenting the reader with protagonists that are not only realistic, but truly memorable.” – Gord Rolo, reviewer Sinister Element

“Kilpatrick has crafted fine tales chock full of vampire lore and plenty of action to keep you reading until the stunning conclusion.” – Bram Eisenthal, Fangoria

“Even her undead are human in their torment, and are interested in much more than who their next meal will be.”Hellnotes