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The Orphans of the Creek

Whiteboy is Scanlon Creek’s top disc jockey and a rising star in its drug-dealing underworld. He and his best friend, Joey, are ready to make a killing with a new designer drug that’s sure to take the Creek’s nightclub scene to new heights. He’s handsome, drives a convertible, and is ready to start a family with Juniper, his beautiful girlfriend.

But it all starts to crumble when Whiteboy’s father, absent twenty years since he ran off to follow a mysterious preacher known only as “John Doe”, contacts Whiteboy and entices him into a final visit. In a strange castle in northern Ontario, Whiteboy bids his father farewell and scatters his ashes, only to find that the ashes don’t want to be scattered. They want to stay. They want to live.

Since then, nothing has been the same for Whiteboy and a violent cloud seems to be gathering over Scanlon Creek. Suddenly, the Creek’s seedy side, along with decades of shameful secrets, are boiling out of the shadows. And everything those shadows touch, they cling to. Forever.

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